Book Haul

Hey lovelies, hope you're all well!

I thought I would post something a little different today; lately, I have been seeing a lot of book hauls and videos on youtube and so I thought I would do a book haul as I've been buying a lot of new books recently. 

So here's the books that I have purchased (mainly off over the past two or three weeks...

I usually include a photo of the book(s) I am currently reading or have just read in my 'My week in photos...' post's, so you may have seen one or two before in my blog posts and will see the others again soon. Most of these books I haven't yet read but if you would like any sort of review or any other book related posts please let me know :)

I love reading but with school work and revision it's quite hard to always find time to read. However, I manage to fit in at least half an hour of reading each day, before I go to bed and am always in the search of new books therefore if you have any recommendations leave me a comment!

Take Care

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  1. 1) You will LOVE The Hunger Games, 2) I have got the millenium trilogy to read on my kindle, 3) I have before I go to sleep to read too! Eeeeek, I love reading! xx

    1. I'm currently reading the second book of The Hunger Games and already love the series! I can't wait to read the millenium trilogy either :) xx

  2. Ohhh books must be my favourite thing on this planet! Love your choices :)xx


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